Why am I so interested in Longevity?It’s a good question.

I seem to have had this on my mind since I was born….without going into the whole story

here I did walk up to a stranger at the age of 4 years old and asked him “Are you the man who lives forever?” I didn’t know anything at that time, but was curious about the topic even then–go figure.

Maybe it’s the lifespans of different cultures and parts of the world that intersest me-like in the below graph:lifespan-graph

Or maybe it’s just the fact that we seem to have so much we want to accomplish in our lives and such a short time to do it in.

Given that cells can be immortal and even other animals can live for hundreds of years–then why can’t we?

Why can’t we just enjoy life to the fullest until we have done everything we were meant to on this earth?

That is my dream–for everyone.

Marty Ettington