A really interesting question came in from one of our readers “Coachselby007” which is:

“Is there one secret to longevity?”

I really liked this one because I’ve wondered about this myself for many years….

The Yogis in India and other very spiritually developed persons claim that when we become totally enlightened we gain full control over our physical body.

Not just in terms of the cells, but they claim that our spirit can actually materialize and de-materialize our bodies.


If you have developed this ability then you totally control the matter of your body and aging really doesn’t matter.

This then might be the one secret to longevity everyone would like to experience.

However, most of us aren’t ready for that type of mastery and power (including myself) so we have to look at more mundane approaches to longevity. (I wish I could do this so I didn’t need to eat–well that gets into Breatharianism…)

I do agree that being in connection with our spiritual core-or higher self is a key to longevity. I know from deep meditations and neutral studies done on meditation, that thisĀ focus to us getting in touch with our higher selves also affects our health very positively.

It’s like we are opening up the pathways for the higher self to act as a blueprint for our physical bodies when we are in touch with it.

This is why I have two of my ten principles of personal longevity having to do with our spiritual connection:

#4–The Importance of a Spiritual Connection

#5-Having Love in your Heart

Bye for Now!

Marty Ettington