Dear Personal Longevity Site Readers:

Thanks to your interest in this site–it is fast becoming one of the most read sites about longevity on the Internet. (Now appearing on the first page in Google when searching “longevity”)

Content is King so I want to hold a contest for new sources of Longevity Information.

This contest will be open from today until June 29th.

The main rule is that submittals need to be on the subject of longevity and from 300 to no more than 1200 words. You can include a link to your own website too if you want readers to get more information.

There will be two winners–one each week–and they will get a digital copy of the book “The 10 Principles of Personal Longevity” (worth $19.95 USD) or an equivalent title of one of my other books from our sister site MKEttingtonbooks.com

Use the below link for your submittals and we will review all posts to make sure they are appropriate before making them live.


Thanks again for your patronage.

Marty Ettington

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