Had something very unusual happen on July 4th which may have been a premonition relating to a July 6th airplane crash.

On July 4th I published a web post on this site which along with accumulated hits to this site hit the number 777 which was almost double some previous top days.

Two days later a Boeing 777 crashes in San Francisco on landing.

Coincidence? I don’t believe in it. I’ve had too many strange and “coincidental” events happen in my life to not think that events are connected in ways we can’t understand.

Major events seem to be like ripples in a pond from a stone thrown in which send waves out in time before and after the event.

If we are perceptive we can see those ripples and be fore warned.

Intuition is like that.

Another example is when I had at least 10 dreams about being at different beach resorts when a Tsunami came in during the two years prior to the Indian Ocean Tsunami–one of the greatest natural disasters of our age.

Follow your intuition and innate sense of danger.–It will keep you safe.

Using your premonition abilities is one of the 10 principles of personal longevity “Using your Intuition for Safety”.

I covered my theories and stories on prophecy and premonition in my book below: