• Delayed aging is better investment than cancer, heart disease
    Research to delay aging and the infirmities of old age would have better population health and economic returns than advances in individual fatal diseases such as cancer or heart disease, reveals a new study.
  • Novel algorithm detects early signals of Alzheimer's in motion behavior
    Abnormal motion behavior and degeneration of the sleep-waking cycle are among the most severe behavioral symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. An early detection and even a prediction of these behaviors would allow a timely onset of interventions that aim to delay the manifestation or exacerbation of symptoms and reduce the need of institutionalized care.
  • Epigenetic markers show promise in Alzheimer's disease
    New evidence links epigenetic regulation with Alzheimer’s disease, which may one day lead to new early diagnostic tests and even novel treatment options for the most common form of dementia.