• Speaking a second language may delay different dementias
    In the largest study on the topic to date, research shows that speaking a second language may delay the onset of three types of dementias.
  • Earliest marker for autism found in young infants
    Eye contact during early infancy may be a key to early identification of autism, according to a new study. The study reveals the earliest sign of developing autism ever observed — a steady decline in attention to others’ eyes within the first two to six months of life.
  • Reforms urgently needed to streamline road to Alzheimer's
    As the burden of Alzheimer’s disease escalates worldwide, efforts to develop effective treatments are failing to keep pace because of the high costs and risks associated with developing Alzheimer’s drugs. Reforming Alzheimer’s drug development, so it is more streamlined and efficient, would bring down costs and speed progress toward approval of drugs that slow or stop the disease.