So you ask–just what is Longevity Coaching?

Well–first it helps if you know what Health Coaching is–Health Coaching has become one of the fastest growing professions of the last 10 years, and there are continuous job listings for health coaches–all over the place.

Health Coaching is normally defined as working with clients on psychological and diet issues to help them improve their health.

However, there is a big limitation with this approach because many dimensions of a personal total health are not addressed.

We believe that a person’s total being consists of multiple areas of what they are. These areas include the following:


Longevity Coaching takes Health Coaching much further by helping clients understand and implement the 10 Principles of Personal longevity in their lives.

Health Coaches earn a great living, and Longevity Coaches can earn much more–because clients will pay more for a complete total health support system.

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