Do certifications really matter for building a successful coaching business?

Certifications are only useful as far as they convince a skeptical potential or new client that you have the skills to help them in the ways you say you do. (So YES we do want you to become a certified longevity coach)

The problem is that many persons new to the holistic or alternative health business believe that the more certifications they have the more they will attract clients.

The subconscious belief of many students is that if they just get enough certifications they will “magically” cross some threshold where the clients will just start coming to them in droves.

This is a real fallacy and just not true !

Customers will come to you because they believe you can solve a problem for them or enable them to improve themselves in a significant way–not because of your certifications.

It’s all about your brand identity, and the connection and trust you build with clients to help them solve problems.

A significant part of our longevity coaching support system is to help you get out of this “certification trap” and to take the real steps you need to build a thriving coaching business.

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