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It’s an exciting time for the Personal Longevity Program. Our sales are growing well, and we are developing Longevity Coaches all over the United States.

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I want to bring you all up to date on what’s been happening with our company since it’s launch in March of 2013 !

  • We now have lots of references of Longevity Coaches who all love the training–and several have said it has changed their lives ! See our new video references on the homepage of our site at https://personal-longevity.com


  • We have developed more tools to help our Coaches become successful including our 100 Page Ebook “Building a Successful Longevity Coaching Business”


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  • We have an exciting new Affiliate Sales Program–It’s a Multi level program designed to help our affiliates not only by good commissions selling our training but sharing in commissions of the persons they signup ! Click the image below to learn Affiliate program details:


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  •  Our Online Wellness Program with many types of Video, Audio, Webinar, and advanced resources for Longevity Students and Coaches


Come Join us still in 2014 build a new career, enhance your existing practice,  or just generate a great cash flow stream !!