Professional Coaching has become a popular and fast growing profession. Something that was unexpected 20 years ago.

I’ve met coaches earning half a million to one million dollars per year. There are a lot of them.

The average earnings nationally are about eighty five thousand per year—not bad in this slow growing economy.

You could argue that coaching goes all the way back to the caveman who was teaching a younger member of the tribe how to build a fire.

Professional Coaching started to become professionalized in the 20th century with paid psychologists and other specialists to help people individually.

In the last 25 years, professional coaching has exploded. There are business coaches, life coaches, health coaches, relationship coaches and more. I could list over 30 specialties if I wanted.

Coaching is all about listening to people and then helping them decide how to address their individual issues. It is this personal attention which is valuable and people are willing to pay for.

There are also no national standards for coaches—but like any new profession, those standards will be developed with time.

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