Freedom lacks nothing. How simple. Freedom lacks No-Thing.

Think back to a time when you were younger and life felt as if you were the one holding THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD up. As children, we see and experience the world as a much different place. Everything is new and exciting, fresh and shiny. As a child, I felt free. I knew I was free.

Ok. Now think of last week when you were “overwhelmed” with your 3 loads of laundry, returning your 30 missed calls, and not having “time” to eat. Jeez. I get stressed just writing about it.. I will just stop the to-do list there!

Somewhere in between these two life moments having been experienced countless times in countless ways, there is a balance. A breath of fresh air. A shiny light glowing around you. No thoughts circle around. You just are. Being in the moment to be in balance can set you free.

You are the only one to set yourself free and it starts in the mind and heart. I recommend a cd from the store (listed below) that helps open the heart chakra and allows for connection to life force energy through guided meditations. Check out a free demo and read more about this beneficial cd:

CLICK HERE: The Little Reiki Meditation Album (CD) by Philip Permutt

I’m going to go “take life by the hands and hold it up high”.

Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn’t people feel as free to delight in whatever remains to them?- Rose Kennedy

Free with confidence and flying forward,


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