Longevity Coaching Versus Health and Wellness Coaching

Longevity Coaching is closely related to Health and Wellness Coaching which many surveys have identified as one of the hottest new and fastest growing professions of the last ten years. Many health care organizations, hospitals, and wellness groups hire and use health and wellness consultants.

While traditional Wellness Coaching covers mainly physical and psychological issues, Longevity Coaching is much more comprehensive and covers the entire holistic and traditional medical subjects on long term health, happiness, and longevity.

Longevity Coach Teaming

Longevity Coaches can team up with other health-care providers to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Discovering the wide array of opportunities for Longevity Coaches can bring clarity to your career search and offer job satisfaction. Longevity coaching is a form of life coaching centered on private, individualized discussions that provide education and encouragement for healthier lifestyles. If you are considering a career in Longevity Coaching, there are multiple career paths that can help you either diversify or find the niche that is most suitable for you.

Coach and Educator

Those who become certified in longevity coaching can open their own coaching practice. Sessions can take place one-on-one, in groups, face-to-face, online or over the phone. A study conducted in November 2011 by the New England Journal of Medicine suggests that 41 percent of those who attended face-to-face longevity coaching, as well as nearly 39 percent of those attending distance coaching, lost 5 percent of their body weight and had sustained weight loss for at least two years. Coaching rates can range from $50 to $300 per session, and a minimum of three months of coaching should be allotted for meaningful health changes, according to WebMD. Coaches who open their own practice also hold seminars or workshops to attract new clients and to educate the community about longevity coaching and healthy life habits.

Author and Writer

Longevity Coaches who are savvy writers can pursue a career in writing. Coaches who write books can choose to self-publish e-books online or have books professionally published for retail sales. Coaches can also write online articles on longevity websites or on their own blogs. Longevity coaching writing can be educational or motivational depending on your readership. Coaches can use blogs to advertise their books, and both can promote your longevity coaching services or other health-based practices.

Personal Trainer and Dietitian

Coaches can partner with personal trainers and dietitians to offer a more complete health service. Some coaches have the licenses and designations to add personal training and dietitian services to their coaching service. Coaching techniques can shape the client’s health goals and encourage persistence, while a stable diet and exercise regimen can be enforced when the coach puts on the trainer or dietitian hat. Longevity Coaches are flexible enough to have the option of branching out and offering a variety of services at local gyms.


Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Longevity Coaches can also pursue careers in yoga and meditation. A blend of coaching and meditation can encourage clients to dig deep and discover their own path to health. Once Longevity Coaches obtain yoga instructor training, they can offer a variety of therapeutic and intense yoga sessions. A mix of yoga, meditation and coaching techniques can be helpful to those experiencing psychological disorders or whose emotional problems are discouraging weight loss or overall longevity.


Alternative Medicine Practitioner

Some coaches specialize in various fields of alternative medicine and offer a coaching and consulting mix. Coaching offers an in-depth self-actualization of goals and encouragement, whereas consulting offers personal advice and suggestions. Alternative medicine coaches can offer advice on herbalism, whole food diets and meditation. Some alternative medicine coaches offer services in acupuncture, Reiki, aromatherapy and clinical hypnosis. Although there are some certifications in Reiki, hypnosis and longevity coaching, these fields remain relatively unregulated. Seeking training in these fields can give you an advantage over your competitors.

Lecturer & Speaker

As a longevity coach you will be in demand to give talks to retired groups, radio, and other media since longevity is a very hot topic these days. You can offer a message of hope and encouragement to your audiences and a specific step by step program to help them improve their long term health, have greater happiness, and improve their longevity. Many business groups are also open to lecturers on this topic.