There is a semantic problem with discussing  the subject of  “longevity”.

I first encountered it five years ago when discussing longevity using the term “Physical Immortality”.

This term scares away a lot of people since I think first it seems to conflict with Religious teachings on the immortality of the soul, and secondly because it denotes eternal physical existence.

Several people interested in the topic told me not to use the words “Physical Immortality” in my sales and marketing efforts since they said it would have too much of a “Woo Woo” factor. They may have been right.

However, since some cells and jellyfish do not die of natural causes and are effectively immortal then is it really a stretch to say that we are all shooting for the cells in our bodies to never age and die?

I admit I’m still a bit of a coward and will continue to use the words “longevity” or “extreme longevity” to keep readers from getting scared off, but really the two phrases of immortality and longevity should be used interchangeably.

Therefore I recommend that if you are interested in the subject of longevity you also read articles on physical immortality–they may not be so far out after all.

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