reverse-agingAnother doctor who believes we can affect our aging significantly through our actions:

Michael Roizen, M.D.,–In his new book, “YOU: staying young,” which is to be released on October 30, 2007, he includes these 12 steps that he believes can make your “real age” younger than what the calendar says. For the full list, please see the Press of Atlantic City link, but here is a sampling of his tip sheet:

  1. Take one aspirin a day after the age of 40 to reduce your real age by 1.9 years
  2. Floss your teeth to gain 6.4 years
  3. Reduce your blood pressure to gain as much as 25 “real age” years
  4. Reduce your stress level to erase as much as 30 years from your real age
  5. Take your vitamins (C, E, calcium, D, folate, and B6) to gain 6 years
  6. Be active, as even small amounts of exercise can make your real age nearly 5 years younger
  • Press of Atlantic City October 15, 2007