put-puzzle-togetherWhy do I keep writing and talking about Longevity Coaching?

It’s because longevity as a new and huge marketplace for services is here and now.

Some recent examples of why I say this:

  • The Baby Boomer population is aging rapidly and looking for new ways to extend their lives. The Baby Boomers have money.
  • The National Geographic Magazine April 2013 issue has a baby on the cover saying “this baby may live to 120 years”
  • Lots of research work is getting a handle on how we can extend our lives much further than was thought a few years ago.
  • Lots of evidence on the importance of other holistic factors is showing that longevity exists for many reasons beyond the purely physical.

This revolution in thinking is the reason why now is the time to start a new coaching profession with a focus on longevity–and I’m not the only only thinking this. I’ve met many others who are taking similar views and refocusing their marketing on the longevity market.

This is why I’m spending so much time marketing my home study DVD training on longevity–both for individual benefits of long term health, and as a new career for those who want to do it.

Are you looking for a new profession with a real demand or just additional streams of income? Then longevity coaching may be for you.

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