When_Did_Ignorance_Become_A_Point_Of_View-_CoverI just saw another new initiative to fund longevity and aging research by Larry Page of Google fame. That is nice but again–it’s just another misguided effort….after many along the same lines.

You know it’s amazing to me that all of these rich billionaires like Larry Page, as well as Larry Ellison, and other well known technology gurus such as Aubrey de Grey and even Ray Kurzweil can be so blind and ignorant when it comes to extending longevity.

What they don’t get is that there are many components to aging–some physical, some spiritual, and some psychological-and all of these elements are part of the aging and longevity equation.

In fact my experience tells me that a person’s spiritual connections are the most important factor in their living a long and healthy life.

I guess it’s because they are all tech geeks and just don’t understand that we all have a spiritual core–we are not just physical matter. Until they understand that we may have some life extension improvements but not true physical immortality.

I’m an engineer too–but I realized at a young age that there was a lot more to our universe than we could measure with current scientific instruments. We have to explore all parts of our being to understand this.

That’s why I published “The 10 Principles of Personal Longevity” to change the paradigm on aging so people will “Get it”.

Wake Up Larry !!

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