Many of our readers have previously expressed interest in signing up for the Personal Longevity Training & Affiliate Program.

Now that it’s the Christmas Season–Here is a Special Offer for YOU !



For Basic Affiliates:

Have you been thinking about signing up as a Basic Longevity Training Affiliate but haven’t done it yet?


1) Here is a no risk coupon code to get your first monthly payment for FREE !:

A value of $19 which can also be used to discount the full payment price


Coupon Code “XMASBASDISC”–just enter it when you place your order


2) In addition, we will have a drawing out of our new Basic Affiliates on Dec 16th, and one of you will win the In Depth Personal Longevity Training Program–which is a Value of $500.


The In Depth Personal Longevity Training Program has a large amount of multimedia content to help you improve your long term health and will certainly help you better understand the value of the program when explaining it and selling it to others.


Either of the two Basic Training options on the lower part of the Prices page will sign you up:


For Advanced Affiliates:

Here are two good reasons to signup right away:


1)      After your orientation period (about one week) you will get up to 50 quality sales leads to quickly help you close new sales and build clients


2)      A $50 Xmas discount using discount code: “XMASADVDISC” when placing your order

Note: Sales leads are limited so only the first five to ten signups will get the sales leads this month.


Any of the four Professional Training Options on the Prices page will automatically sign you up:


Also, don’t forget that we will have a general training price increase of 20% by Jan 1st 2015—so don’t wait–signup now !

[Note: if you want to read more about this subject see the “Training Options” and “Affiliate Sales” pages on our site at:]


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The Personal Longevity Program is a philosophy of long term health, greater happiness, and extended longevity