meditatin132x118In Eastern philosophical systems like Buddhism, Taoism, and the Vedic traditions of India, longevity is viewed as a meaningful goal in a spiritual life.

by Frances Lefkowitz

Create Stability
Youth is associated with strength and fortitude, qualities that are important to nurture as modern life becomes more chaotic. “Stability of the mind, body, and emotional body are at the heart of rejuvenation,” says Blossom. Strength also underscores suppleness, another essential attribute of longevity. Many yoga poses develop stability and are sometimes practiced in a series, like the Sun Salutation, where they alternate with poses emphasizing flexibility.

This classic yoga move is a great stability builder. The movements should be slow and comfortable, not forced.
1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, then gently bend forward, exhaling as you fold downward. Draw your head in toward your knees and let your hands reach to the floor, outside your feet.
2. Lunge by inhaling and reaching one leg straight back to the ball of the foot; your front leg will now be bent, your arms and hands still on the floor and at your sides for support. Gaze forward, your head and chest lifted.
3. Bring the front leg back to meet the rear leg. Support your weight with straight arms and the balls of your feet; position your arms directly beneath your shoulders.
4. Keep your body as firm as a plank of wood for 5 full breaths, gazing downward and slightly in front of you. (Beginners can do a modified half-plank by placing feet and knees on the floor.) Release your body gently down with an exhalation, and relax.